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Episode 112 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.

Coming up on today’s show, we have Salon's Alex Pareene here to talk about his new e-book on Mitt Romney, The Rude Guide To Mitt.

We also have comedian, writer and director Andy Cobb here to talk about apathy towards the 2012 elections and how he's jealous of the Nation's Ari Berman.

We'll also discuss Occupy's May Day plans, the Governor of Mississippi claiming that Democrats one mission in life is to abort children, Connecticut abolishing the death penalty, the Supreme Court taking up Arizona's racist SB1070 law, and how we shackle students in America with crippling debt.

We also have a television executive here to defend how the Sunday news talk shows feature overwhelmingly white, male, Republican guests.

Our writer/performer today is Bob Rok.

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