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Episode 136 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.

Coming up on today’s show, we have Tim Karr from Free Press back on the show to discuss the Declaration of Internet Freedom and how Verizon filed a court briefing claiming they have the right to edit the internet.

We also have radio host Shannyn Moore back on the show to give us an update on the potential environmental disaster in Bristol Bay, Alaska and how Ken Salazar saying he believes there won't be an oil spill is not good enough.

We'll also discuss George Zimmerman claiming it was "God's plan" that he kill Trevon Martin, Chick-Fill-A officially coming out as homophobic, how the six WalMart heirs are worth more than the bottom 42% of Americans combined, and a new poll that found 1 out of 4 Wall Street executives say wrongdoing is necessary.

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