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On Episode 24 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show we have even more interviews recorded live at Netroots Nation, including Daily Kos contributing editor, David Waldman.  David will tell us about the fake science text books that the energy industry is providing to cash strapped schools across the nation, as well as how the nuclear industry in America has rigged the game if a disaster, like potentially the one in Nebraksa hits.

Speaking of Nebraska, we also have Jane Fleming Kleeb from Bold Nebraska here to talk about the proposed TransCanada tar sands pipeline that could have horrible consequences for both the state and the nation.

We also have the executive director of Democracy for America, Arshad Hasan here to tell us how DFA is working on electing more and better progressives to public office in 2012.

Plus, we’ll be joined by Doctor Larry: Republican Scientist, who’s here to tell us that the recent scientific study predicting the mass extinction of ocean life is actually a good thing.

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