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On Episode 25 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show, we're joined by the founder and director of Campaign for America’s Future, Robert Borosage.  Robert is here to talk about the progressive plan for rebuilding the Ameircan dream.

We’ll also be talking to Alaskan radio host Shannyn Moore. Shannyn will tell us about the horrible environmental situation that is going on at Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. A situation which could potentially contaminate over half of the seafood supply for the entire United States.

We also have our good friend, Mary Bottari from the Center for Media and Democracy. Mary will give us an update on Scott Walker’s continuing war on labor and unions in Wisconsin.

We'll also be discussing Michelle Bachmann's new status as a GOP primary frontrunner.

Plus, we’ll have reaction to marriage equality being passed in New York State from the Fox News Channel’s Timothy Grimes.

We're also excited to announce that the Matthew Filipowicz Show now has a hotline.  Call 617-855-TMFS with your questions, comments and rants.

Our writer/performer today was Tim Grimes.

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