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Episode 60 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.

Coming up on today’s show, we have artist and graphic journalist Susie Cagle here to give us a first hand report of the police violence at Occupy Oakland.

We also have Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks back on the show to talk about Wolf Pac, his new political action group which is attempting to pass a constitutional amendment saying that corporations are not people.

We’ll also be talking to Adrian Arroyo of Act Blue about his group’s recent milestone and about lowering the barrier of entry for running for office.

Plus we have the spokesperson for Mayor Rahm Emanuel here to give the mayor’s response to the mass arrests at Occupy Chicago.

We'll also be discussing the Marine who is in a coma due to police violence at Occupy Oakland and how the city council in Orange County has affirmed that tent cities are a protected form of free speech.

Our writer/performer today is Bob Rok.

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