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Episode 84 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.

Coming up on today’s show, we have historian and author of Nixonland, Rick Perlstein, back on the show to discuss his new column for Rolling Stone about how Governor George Romney's loss to Richard Nixon deeply affected his son Mitt Romney's political outlook.

We also have the host of Ring of Fire Radio, Mike Papantonio, back on the show to talk about Barack Obama may have a hard time exploiting Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital due to his coddling of Wall Street and the 1%.

Plus, we'll be talking about how you can build your own Republibot.

We'll also discuss the rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline by Barack Obama, Senate Democrats supporting SOPA and PIPA, the fall of Chris Dodd, Rick Perry dropping out, and Newt Gingrich asking his second wife for an open marriage.

Our writer/performer today is Tim Grimes.

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