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Episode 67 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show is now available to stream and download.


Coming up on today’s show, we have investigative journalist Lee Fang back on the show to give us an update from Occupy UC Davis.

We also have Josh Stearns from Free Press here to talk about the epidemic of journalists being arrested at Occupy protests.

We also Sarah Baker from the New Organizing Institute’s Candidate Project here to talk about getting more liberals and progressives to run for public office.

Plus we have Newt Gingirch claiming child labor laws are stupid, and an exclusive interview with animated superstar, Richie Rich.

We'll also be discussing the horrific police pepper spraying at UC Davis, the "Walk of Shame" by Chancellor Linda Katehi, and the dangers of police brutality and pepper spray.

Our writer/performer today is Bob Rok.

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