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On Episode 34 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show, we have from Pandagon, Slate and RH Reality Check Amanda Marcotte here to talk about the recent IOM recommendation that all health insurers cover birth control for women without an additional co-pay.  We’ll also discuss the ridiculous new ad campaign by Summer’s Eve.

We’ll also be joined by political comedian and host of the Ironic News Report, Julianna Forlano.  Julianna will discuss the role of satire in politics as well as ethics in journalism.

Plus we have the founder of a new political action committee that is working on forging bipartisanship, called Go Bi.

We'll also give the latest news on the debt ceiling negotiations, as well discuss the Guardian report that News Corp hacked the phone of the family of another kidnapped child.

Our writer/performer today was Lauren Maul.

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